Investment Strategy

The Inside Track

Ethos Property Group provides access to investment opportunities through lasting relationships developed over 26 years in the commercial real estate environment. EPG has established vast networks of personal relationships with individual and institutional owners, brokers, sellers, banks, institutions, management companies, counsel, contractors, vendors, advisors, media, and real estate professionals that operate the commercial multifamily real estate industry. This provides unique access to the decision makers and gate keepers that determine who, what, where, and when a transaction will be completed.

Value Added Properties

We focus on investment opportunities that add value through repositioning assets. Our investment portfolio doesn’t simply rely on market improvements, but focuses on increase-in value-creation potential. At Ethos Property Group, we zero in on opportunities to address deferred maintenance or improve interior finishes, common areas or amenities in order to realize higher rents – seizing on low capitalization rates that value incremental increases in net operating income exponentially. Our ability to execute an acquisition/reposition business plan combined with our keen understanding of supply and demand forces (market and sub-market rent trends and the construction pipeline, among others) yield a consistently good return on investment in key markets.

Seizing the Multifamily Housing Demand

Echo Boomers, ages 20-35, are entering their prime renting years as Baby Boomers are entering retirement and downsizing. Populations are still growing. Oversupply will reach a saturation point with insufficient new supply in progress, leading to higher than average increases in rents.

Multifamily Investment Facts

Multifamily properties are the most stable investment in all classes of commercial real estate including office, retail, industrial, etc. Apartments have the best available financing through government agencies and most consistent occupancy leading to relative stability. The Ethos Property Group team harnesses nearly three decades of unparalleled experience in the multifamily commercial real estate sector.

Acquisition Criteria

Property Type:           Garden style, mid-rise, and high rise

Property Size:             50 to 350 units single asset and portfolios

Asset Quality:             A to D

Location Class:           A to C+

Purchase Amount;     2 million to 50 million

Property Age:             Market dependent, preferable 1975 or newer


Acquisitions and Dispositions

Long-term relationships with the gate keepers provide access to superior investment opportunities for maximum profit.

Asset Management

Years of experience with strategic partners allows us to keep the best team on the project in feast and famine.

Construction Management

We have extensive experience in full rehab and ground up construction of 3000+ units through our strategic partners.

Strategic Analysis

There is a time to be a seller and a time to be a buyer. EPG’s review of operating facts and figures and our awareness of buying and selling trends decides when the best time is for each to create the highest yields.

Distressed Asset Solutions

Ethos Property Group’s past experience with distressed properties began in the late 1980s/early 1990s during the Resolution Trust Corporation Era selling several thousand non-performing real estate owned multifamily units. Our construction background with apartment and condominium projects enables us to complete failed condominium projects for lenders with failed assets. Ethos Property Group provides full analysis of costs and time to complete plus sellout of remaining project – coordinating due diligence, legal management (including negotiating legal fees), trustee sales, bankruptcy proceedings, and providing court-appointed receiverships for distressed real estate projects.

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