26 plus years of acquisition, development, disposition, and restoration of over $400 million in investments including apartment and condominium properties, 1000+ units.

300-Adams (1)Adams Apartments (Seattle, WA)
Closed sale on March 17, 2014. $2.75M Purchase price. $5.3M sale price. Increase in value of $2.55M in 15 months. Highest price per square foot for an unreinforced masonry building in Seattle history as of sale date. Complete to the drywall renovation which included adding washer and dryers to every unit.






300-Walker (5)Walker Apartments (Tacoma, WA)
Acquired on August 5, 2013. This was a failed condo conversion Ethos purchased through foreclosure from a bank. $3.75M purchase price. $1.5M rehab with a post renovation value of $10M in less than 12 months.






300 Ox_front_street_horizOxford Apartments (Seattle, WA)
Long-term owner/operator of mixed-use property in downtown. Leased ground floor and basement to Design Within Reach (www.dwr.com) to be used as their showcase store on the west coast of the U.S. Original purchase price in 1997 was $1.8M. 2014 value is $14.5M.

One of the best locations in Seattle across from the Pike Place Farmers market. The investment needed cosmetic rehab and reworking of the underlying financing to increase rents as much as 200%.




300-Tobira (5)Meridian Condominiums (Bainbridge Is, WA)
Acquired 9 units in a 23 unit new construction condominium project through bank receivership sale. $2M estimated profit on $1.5M in project costs for sellout in 2014. Minor renovation and obtaining certificates of occupancy led to sellout of the property.






Microsoft Word - Saxony Investment Highlights.docxSaxony (Sammamish, WA)

159 unit project built in 1999 located in the city of Sammamish, County of King, WA. The project was completed in 2007. This was a condo conversion and was unique because the town of Sammamish, located on the Eastside has an extremely high average income compared to other cities in King County, WA. The municipality has stopped any new construction of multifamily properties creating high housing prices. Work force housing for nurses, firemen, teachers, law enforcement, etc – is nonexistent.

Saxony had 141 multifamily units and 18 detached 2 and 3 story homes. We completed $4,627,000 – $29,000 per unit in upgrades on the property. Upgrades included new countertops, carpeting, paint, kitchen and bath fixtures, gutters, roofing, new siding and new spacer-1interior to clubhouse. Total Project Cost  $31,200,000 Partner Equity Return 81%


300 miraUntitled-1Mira (Kirkland, WA)
A condo conversion in a high income supply constrained community. The investment is located in the City of Kirkland Washington. It is in close proximity to Microsoft and (now) Google campuses. A high barrier of entry exists due to the high cost of available entry level housing. This opportunity provided well priced housing in a superior location.

The interiors of the units were demolished down to the drywall. All new cabinets,
appliances, fixtures, baseboards, carpeting, tiling, paint and doors were installed.
The entire project was resided and re-roofed. The pool, clubhouse, covered parking
and landscaping were installed new. $45,000 per unit was spent on the upgrades Acquisition price $14.7M   Upgrades and other costs $8.2M   Sales price $26.8M Gross profits $3.9M





“CityView has been a proud partner … on past projects, most notably our work together on Mira in Kirkland, WA, and Tobira in Seattle, WA. The total combined deal amounts were over $50M plus and we were pleased with the results. We remain encouraged by the potential of our future business with your organization.” – CityView